BMW and Harman Kardon®:
Top-Performance in the Champions League

BMW provides new momentum, distinct design and the principle of enjoyment on the road. For 30 years Harman Kardon® has accompanied the premium car brand with customized sound systems, first-class quality and innovative technologies. Each system must meet the highest requirements for an outstanding sound experience, which is why the engineers of both brands already work together closely in the early conception phase of a new BMW model. An all-encompassing and faithfully produced sound experience can only be achieved if the audio system for each model variant is carefully tailored to the vehicle profile.

For optimum sound tuning, the fully automatic equalizing system AuraVox analyzes hundreds of parameters and automatically creates suitable filters, corrects runtime differences and regulates in advance the optimum volume level of the individual channels. This provides original and spatial listening enjoyment that fulfills the most demanding requirements.

After the AuraVox tests on the virtual model, the acoustic experts of Harman Kardon® conduct detailed, direct audio comparisons. "The human sense of hearing is still the most precise measuring instrument," company founder Dr. Sidney Harman has observed. Nothing has yet to alter this premise. The final sound must always meet the high Harman Kardon® standard, but may exhibit fine nuances – depending on the vehicle model and the relevant target group. This is because the sound should accurately reflect the character of the respective BMW model and the relevant target group.